giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

Commentary to the film "The invasion of the body snatchers".

"You will wake up tomorrow, with different believes, and in a world where everybody is the same". This is the sentence that brought me to the conclusion that the film "The invasion of the body snatcher" is in reality a propaganda against the spread of Communism, and supports the McCarthysist idea that Communist spies were in reality in the USA territory, and were minacing the national freedom from inside the territories.
I find a lot of similarity between the plot and the main idea of McCarthysism. In fact McCarthysism is the convintion that in reality everybody can be a Communist, even your neighbours, or your family members. People can be not what you think they are. The film is the example of this type of belief, represented by aliens that  "substitute" people, and start behaving diferently from usual, even though in the appearance they look like your allies. Is a plague that can infect everybody, in the moment when we humans are more vulnerable, during our rest. Is also interesting how those aliens are described: they are in fact totally apathetic and without any ability to love. In that moment, in particular in America, the typical stereotype of Communist was of a super-man that spent his life working and sharing his profit with the rest of the community. An organism without emotion, rude and incapable of love.
Is clearly repeated the idea of something that is spreading, and is impossible to stop. In that period the American government was trying to contain the spread of Communism, and in general, the citizens were terrified that Communism could have affect us, directly or indirectly. They thought that the spread was inevitable in the population, to the point that they started suspecting their neighbours, their managers or their family members.

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  1. Great work, Alberto. I really like the mention of the American view of the tireless, emotionless Communist worker and how that related to the pod people. I think you can benefit from proofreading a bit, as many English mistakes are still present. Are they not being caught by spell check? Possibly not if your language is still set to Italian.
    I think you have a good understanding of both the material and the film, and how they relate. Do you think at all that the writer of the film felt that maybe Americans were overreacting?

    Good work. 27/30