giovedì 28 agosto 2014

D'Antoni Alberto Introduction

I'm Alberto, but i prefer people to call me Albi. I'm italian, I come from Brescia, a small city near Milan. As the great part of the European adolescent like me I love soccer. Basically my life is developed around this sport, infact when I have a bit of freetime I love to organize soccer matches with all the other guys of the dorm. I can't wait fot the try outs that coach Cardona will organize, I would really love to enter in the soccer team, so that I can represent my school doing what I love the most. 
I love listen to music of all kinds except from house music and punk music because i find them too noisy. Instead I really like dubstep, because I find it really stimulating, infact in my pre-soccer-match I usually listen to it just to pump me up a little bit.
Since I was little I loved History because it is a way to get inside a world made of knowledge which shows us the traditions of our forefathers and the way they used to live. Infact I am really into the Romans age because I think that they have been one of the most developed population that the History have ever seen. By the other side there are moments of world's History that I don't like at all, as the Middle Ages, which I think is the worst period of our History so far because is full of black moments for culture and integrity of the population. Sometimes people misunterstood the real value of History because they think that is an useless subject, but i really believe that in reality makes us reacher than we really are, so I will conclude saying that I hope to pass a great year so that I will return to my country richer than I am at the moment.

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