martedì 18 novembre 2014

Quiz part 2

From the very beginning of its story, the U.S. has always been an economic and military world leader. It came out victorious from WWI and WWII, restating its superior technology power using the nuclear bomb against Japan. After this events they seemed the uncontested owner of the world, and they were behaving as nobody was able to stop them. By the way, during the 50s, the 60s and 70s, the U.S. receives important unsuccessfull war campaigns, like the one of Korea, Vietnam, and the failed invasion of Cuba during the Bay of Pigs. This events clearly show that in reality, even the most advanced army in the world can be beaten by a well organized, but smaller army that fights for a meaniningful target. This unsuccessful campaigns mined the American citizens' pride, convincing them that in reality, the wars that they were fighting weren't just to protect the world's peace, as the giant propaganda wanted by the presidents was saying, but in reality were just to protect the nation's own interests. The May Lai massacre and the Kent State events made the Americans pass from the character of the "good guys", to the one of the "bad guys", that, exactly as the Soviets were doing, were trying to build puppet goverments which were on the direct control of Washington.

giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

Commentary to the film "The invasion of the body snatchers".

"You will wake up tomorrow, with different believes, and in a world where everybody is the same". This is the sentence that brought me to the conclusion that the film "The invasion of the body snatcher" is in reality a propaganda against the spread of Communism, and supports the McCarthysist idea that Communist spies were in reality in the USA territory, and were minacing the national freedom from inside the territories.
I find a lot of similarity between the plot and the main idea of McCarthysism. In fact McCarthysism is the convintion that in reality everybody can be a Communist, even your neighbours, or your family members. People can be not what you think they are. The film is the example of this type of belief, represented by aliens that  "substitute" people, and start behaving diferently from usual, even though in the appearance they look like your allies. Is a plague that can infect everybody, in the moment when we humans are more vulnerable, during our rest. Is also interesting how those aliens are described: they are in fact totally apathetic and without any ability to love. In that moment, in particular in America, the typical stereotype of Communist was of a super-man that spent his life working and sharing his profit with the rest of the community. An organism without emotion, rude and incapable of love.
Is clearly repeated the idea of something that is spreading, and is impossible to stop. In that period the American government was trying to contain the spread of Communism, and in general, the citizens were terrified that Communism could have affect us, directly or indirectly. They thought that the spread was inevitable in the population, to the point that they started suspecting their neighbours, their managers or their family members.

venerdì 19 settembre 2014

Who started the Cold War?

Who started the Cold War?
There are many different answers to this question, but in my opinion, the person that really made start the Cold War was Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union.
During the Yalta conference, that was organized by the countries that won the war in february 1945 (Britain, USA, USSR), Stalin garanteed to the leaders of those nations that he wanted   free democratic election in the whole Eastern Europe. But in reality he had a completely different plan in his mind: his thirst of power, and his expansionist aims, act to procure supplies to the nation that was in the middle of a giant crisis due to the war, brought him to inglobate in the already giant "Soviet sphere" the countries that he promised to make become democratic.
Furthermore, Stalin in 1946 said:  "Capitalism and Communism cannot cohesist", which, indirectly, is a declaration of an imminent war. In this way he sent a strong and clear message to the whole world saying that from there on, it would have been divided in two by an imaginary line, called Iron Curtain, that passed through Stettin, in the very North of Europe, and Trieste, a small city in the Eastern of Europe. This curtain locked down the Soviet Union and all her satellites, so that the nobody could have seen what was happening inside the borders of the Communist countries.
Moreover, when USA, Britain and France wanted to make the Western Germany a democratic country with capital Berlin, he opposed with all his strength, declaring the blockade of all the streets and electricity and water conducts that arrived in the Western part of Berlin, forcing USA, Britain and France to use airlift to bring supplies in the city.  

venerdì 29 agosto 2014

D'Antoni Alberto "My beliefs"

I believe in perseverance, determination, humility and passion on what we love to do. I do believe in the education of the sons by the parents, and I do believe that the world would be a better place if everybody would trust in these simple creeds.
Since I was a little boy my parents started teaching me on how the world is and how does it work. While I was growing I started having my own vision of this world, which seems very difficult without a goal to reach. Infact, I think that if you don't have a goal in your life, you will surely fail. By the other side, if you have a target and you really believe in it, you just have to pursue it with all yourself trusting in your abilities.
I will concluse saying that if people would do what I just said in our world there will not be any winners and any defeated, just because everybody would have done whatever they could to be successful.


giovedì 28 agosto 2014

D'Antoni Alberto Introduction

I'm Alberto, but i prefer people to call me Albi. I'm italian, I come from Brescia, a small city near Milan. As the great part of the European adolescent like me I love soccer. Basically my life is developed around this sport, infact when I have a bit of freetime I love to organize soccer matches with all the other guys of the dorm. I can't wait fot the try outs that coach Cardona will organize, I would really love to enter in the soccer team, so that I can represent my school doing what I love the most. 
I love listen to music of all kinds except from house music and punk music because i find them too noisy. Instead I really like dubstep, because I find it really stimulating, infact in my pre-soccer-match I usually listen to it just to pump me up a little bit.
Since I was little I loved History because it is a way to get inside a world made of knowledge which shows us the traditions of our forefathers and the way they used to live. Infact I am really into the Romans age because I think that they have been one of the most developed population that the History have ever seen. By the other side there are moments of world's History that I don't like at all, as the Middle Ages, which I think is the worst period of our History so far because is full of black moments for culture and integrity of the population. Sometimes people misunterstood the real value of History because they think that is an useless subject, but i really believe that in reality makes us reacher than we really are, so I will conclude saying that I hope to pass a great year so that I will return to my country richer than I am at the moment.